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Is the hidden objective of redistribution of wealth to tax the money twice?

Apollo 11 Moon landing hoax (no stars)

One of the main arguments used to prove the Apollo 11 moon walk was a hoax, is that no stars appeared in the night sky in any of the photographs.  It is even said that none of the astronauts reported seeing any stars in the night sky.  The main problem with this theory is the phrase "night sky."

The simple explaination, from the astronauts perspective, is that the moon walk took place during the day.  They landed in the Sea of Tranquility, which is on the bright side of the moon, and it is lit up by the Sun.

Just like here on Earth, if you are on the side of the Moon facing the Sun, it is daytime.  The reason the sky is black on the Moon during the day, is because it has no atmosphere.  Earth has a blue sky during the day because of sunlight interacting with our atmosphere.

And, just like being on Earth, you wont see any stars in the sky during the day, except for the Sun.  Even with modern digital cameras today, it is unlikely that any stars would show up in a night photograph.  Most photographs of stars are long exposures, and show the stars arcing across the sky as the Earth rotates during the long exposure.

No stars in the photographs of the night sky during the moon walk is NOT proof of a "hoax."

Bad things that happened on April 20:

Adolf Hitler born 1889

Hottie marries completely undeserving Doofus and dashes the hopes/dreams of many, or the one 2019

Columbine school shooting 1999

BP oil rig explosion 2010

Plane crash near Islamabad, Pakistan, kills 127 people 2012

Tractor trailer collides with a bus in Alamo, Mexico, 40 people are killed 2012

Johnson Space Center Shooting 2007

Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan suffers a 5.8 magnitude earthquake 2005

Korean Air Lines flight 902 shot down by USSR 1978

Ludlow coal mine massacre 1914

Riviera Casino opened, Las Vegas, NV 1955

420 is code for pot smoking day

Bad things that happen near April 20:

Mass shooting, Nova Scotia, Canada, 04/18-19/2020

Notre-Dame Cathedral, Paris, ravaged by fire, 04/15/2019

The Feast of Moloch/13 day "Blood Sacrifice to the Beast" begins, 04/19

The gates of the Temple of Baal to be erected in Times Square, 04/19/2016

Replica of the Temple of Baal Arch unveiled in Trafalgar Square, London, 04/19/2016

FBI's siege of the Waco compound, 04/19/1993

Oklahoma City bombing federal building, 04/19/1995

Virginia Tech massacre, 04/16/2007

Boston Marathon bombing, 04/15/2015

Chernobyl nuclear disaster, Ukraine, 04/26/1986

Armenian genocide begins, 04/24/1915

Titanic sinks, 04/15/12

San Francisco earthquake, 04/18/1906

Bay of Pigs invasion disaster,  04/15-19, 1961

First Earth Day, 04/22/1970

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake strikes Quito, Ecuador, 04/17/2016

Fall of Saigon 04/30/1975